Exciting Launch of VAR - The All-in-One Value Added Resources Platform

Created on 2023-07-30 | Features | 458 views | 1 minutes read

VAR by Teen Portal Int'l provides value-added resources to build online presence. Get all-in-one tools for links, QR codes, profiles, analytics & more. Start adding value today!

Teen Portal International Limited (TPI) is thrilled to announce the launch of VAR, an innovative new platform for Value Added Resources available at https://var.hk.

VAR provides users with an all-in-one solution for creating shortened links, custom QR codes, online profiles and more. Key features of VAR include:

  • CardLinks Pages - Easily build a customized online profile/landing page to showcase your brand.
  • Shortened Links - Shorten, track and manage links with VAR's value-added link tools.
  • QR Codes - Generate scannable QR codes with logos, images and more for added value.
  • Link Analytics - Get valuable insights into your links and campaigns.
  • vCard Links - Share virtual business cards that add value to networking and outreach.
  • Event Links - Create sharable calendar invites that add value to planning.
  • 40+ Tools - Access value-added web tools for marketing, development and more.

VAR sets itself apart by providing an array of value-added resources to enhance your online presence and engagement. The platform is ideal for businesses seeking to add value to their digital marketing and branding.

Paid plans starting at HKD$48/month provide additional value like AI content generation, custom domains, pixels and more.

Create your free account today at https://var.hk to start accessing VAR's value-added resources! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Updated on 2023-07-30